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December 2020-Breakfast

December 2020-Lunch

P-EBT Update

If a family has an address change, activation question, reissue or want to know about the status of the P-EBT card they can call the Human Service Customer Care number at 1-800-283-4465. This is a different number from what has been provided before which was a general EBT hotline. HSD has staff available to help and are trained to assist the P-EBT inquiries or changes. The PED only has minimal staff to assist questions at this time.  You can relay this to the calls you get or share on any avenues you feel will get to the families.  Again, the district or schools and PED really cannot change information or reissue cards as we do not have access to the HSD system. I hope this helps and thank you for your patience. 
Grab-n-go meals at school sites:
We have meals available for all children 1yr to 18yrs of age at all our school sites and our 12 bus routes.  The meal service is from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Parents must have a child present or the Student ID form on the dashboard when picking up meals.  For the children that are not a GISD student, parents must have the "NON-Student"  meal form on the dashboard.  The form can be found on the district website or requested at any of our school kitchens.  For everyone's safety, we ask that masks be worn when picking-up meals. 

Comidas para llevar en los sitios escolares: Tenemos comidas disponibles para todos los niños de 1 año a 18 años en todas nuestras escuelas y en nuestras 12 rutas de autobús. El servicio de comidas es de 11:00 am a 12:30 pm. Los padres deben tener a su hijo presente o el formulario de identificación del estudiante en el tablero al recoger las comidas. Para los niños que no son estudiantes de GISD, los padres deben tener el formulario de comida para "NO estudiantes" en el tablero. El formulario se puede encontrar en el sitio web del distrito o solicitarlo en cualquiera de nuestras cocinas escolares. Por la seguridad de todos, pedimos que se usen máscaras al recoger las comidas.

Nursing and Health Services and School Nutrition Program (SNP)

Download form: GISD Dietary Order Form

Contact Information: 
Maritza Gonzales-575-882-6215, email-
Maria Guerra-575-882-6773, email-

About Grab & Go Meals

  • Monday through Friday
  • Children must be present to receive a meal, if not able to be present the Student ID form or Non
  • Student meal form must be on the dashboard
  • No adult meals served

The Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) Program Update

Grab and Go Meal Site Locations

School Sites Address Web Sites
Anthony Elementary School 600 N. Fourth Street
P.O. Box 2631
Anthony, NM 88021
Phone: (575) 882-4561
Fax: (575) 882-4696
Berino Elementary School 92 Shrode Road
Anthony, NM 88021
Phone: (575) 882-2242
Fax: (575) 882-7249
Chaparral Elementary School 300 E. Lisa Drive
Chaparral, NM 88081
Phone: (575) 824-4722
Fax: (575) 824-4034
Desert Trail Intermediate School 310 E. Lisa Drive
Chaparral, NM 88081
Phone: (575) 824-6500
Fax: (575) 824-3390
Desert View Elementary School 1105 Valle Vista Drive
P.O. Box 450
Sunland Park, NM 88063
Phone: (575) 589-1180
Fax: (575) 589-2212
Gadsden Elementary School 1440 Hwy 478
Anthony NM 88021
Phone: (575) 882-3050
Fax: (575) 882-3415

La Union Elementary School 875 Mercantile Ave.
La Union, NM 88021
Phone: (575) 874-3592
Fax: (575) 874-8335
Loma Linda Elementary 1451 Donaldson Ave.
Anthony, NM 88021
Phone: (575) 882-6000
Fax: (575) 882-4718
Mesquite Elementary School 205 NM Hwy 228
P.O.Box 320
Mesquite, NM 88048
Phone: (575) 233-3925
FAX: (575) 233-0905
North Valley Elementary School 300 Cascade Avenue
P.O.Box C
San Miguel, NM 88058
Phone: (575) 233-1092
FAX: (575) 233-3772
North Valley Elementary School 300 Cascade Avenue
P.O.Box C
San Miguel, NM 88058
Phone: (575) 233-1092
FAX: (575) 233-3772
Riverside Elementary School 4085 McNutt Rd
Sunland Park, NM 88063
Phone: (575) 589-1663
FAX: (575) 874-3611
Santa Teresa Elementary 201 Commerciante Blvd.
Santa Teresa, NM 88008
Phone: (575) 589-3445
Fax: (575) 589-3429
Sunland Park Elementary School 305 Alto Vista Drive
Sunland Park, NM 88063
Phone: (575) 589-1114
FAX: (575) 874-9442
Vado Elementary 330 Holguin Road
Vado, NM 88072
Phone: (575) 233-2861
Fax: (575) 233-3400
Yucca Heights Elementary 580 Angelina Blvd
Chaparral, NM 88081
Phone: 575 824-8210
Fax: 575 824-8207