• Mission Statement

    The Gadsden Independent School District will ensure that all students will learn by putting education first. The district will provide quality educational opportunities conducive to learning that will facilitate students' individual goals.

    Gadsden Independent School District
 Jennifer Viramontes - District 2 School Board  Jennifer Viramontes
District 2 Board President
(915) 241-9852

 WEST GADSDEN - Mrs. Viramontes represents the central region of Gadsden which includes La Union, Santa Teresa, and a portion of the Riverside area which include La Union Elementary (K-6), Southern On-Track Pre-K, Riverside Elementary (K-6), feeder schools to Santa Teresa Middle School (7-8) and Santa Teresa High School (9-12).

  Daniel Castillo - District 4 School board 

Daniel Castillo
District 4 Board Vice-President
(915) 269-6399 

Anthony Area - Mr. Castillo represents the Anthony area east of Three Saints Canal which includes Anthony Center Pre-K, Anthony Elementary (K-6), Berino Elementary (K-6), Loma Linda Elementary (K-6), feeder schools to Gadsden Middle School (7-8) and Gadsden High School (9-12).


  1. Raise and maintain high expectations for all students and foster a culture of individual responsibility/accountability that applies to every element within the District.
  1. Expand efforts to increase parental and community/business involvement to cultivate positive relationships throughout the District.
  1. Offer high-quality student programming that meets the educational needs and interests of our students so that graduates are prepared to compete in a 21st Century global society.
  1. Ensure fiscal accountability and compliance by adhering to New Mexico Public Education Department report requirements in order that District finances and resources support District goals and meet infrastructure needs.
  1. Research and implement strategies K-12 that enrich student performance thereby increasing the graduation rate from 86% to 91% leading to an improved graduation rate.
  1. Expect all campus administrators to hold teachers accountable for implementing all District programs including multicultural and linguistically diverse instructional programs with fidelity.
  1. Promote effective communication throughout the District and with all stakeholders.
  1. Embrace technology on all fronts: instruction, personnel, infrastructure, devices, professional development, parent involvement and ensuring availability for students and parents.
  1. Expand efforts to address the social and emotional learning (SEL) of all stakeholders.