Barbara A. Browder, PhD, Executive Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
Telephone: (575) 882-6225
Fax: (575) 882-6250

Lucy Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (575) 882-6225
Fax: (575) 882-6250

Lisa A. Alarcon
Certified Specialist
Telephone: (575) 882-6235
Fax: (575) 882-6250

Vanessa Garcia
Support Staff/Substitute Specialist
Telephone: (575) 882-6227
Fax: (575) 882-6250

HR Calendar

  • Progress Reports

    Gadsden Independent School District
  • Gadsden Administrative Complex - Board Room

    New Employee Orientation

    All new employees hired during the year must attend a mandatory orientation of the district’s benefits.  New employees who do not attend the appropriate orientation must wait for the next scheduled orientation date which may result in a delay in benefits enrollment.  These meetings are usually a minimum of three hours in duration.

    Human Resources
  • Gadsden Administrative Complex - Board Room

    Substitute Orientation

    All new substitute teachers hired during the year must attend a mandatory orientation.

    The substitute application process must be complete in order to attend.

    Human Resources
  • 120th Day of School

    Gadsden Independent School District
  • Gadsden Administrative Complex Board Room

    Board Meeting

    Gadsden Independent School District
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The Human Resources office exists to ensure that there is a qualified employee in every position in Gadsden Independent School District so that everyone who touches the life of a child directly, or indirectly, is a person well prepared to do so.

The goal of the Human Resources office is to place and maintain highly qualified faculty and staff and to provide them with the professional support they need in order to serve students. 


NMPED will release a Transition Teacher Evaluation Report for the 2018-2019 school year that will not include any student assessment data as part of the evaluation framework.

The transition report will consist of the following categories for a total of 100 points:

*Classroom Observations (Domains 2 and 3) worth 50%

*Planning, Preparation, and Professionalism (Domains 1 and 4) worth 40%

*Family or Student Surveys worth 10%


Gadsden Independent School District Equal Employment Opportunity Notice:  Discrimination against an otherwise qualified individual with a disability or any individual by reason of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or national origin is prohibited.  Efforts will be made in recruitment and employment to ensure equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons.