50: 50 Dual Language Model

 Secondary students imgThe two-way bilingual immersion program heterogeneously combines language minority and language majority students for academic instruction. These heterogeneous classrooms participate in an academic program where the instruction is delivered in both English and Spanish by certified English and Spanish teachers. Students will continue to increase their academic skills in their native language while acquiring academic knowledge and skills in a second language. This bilingual environment will support development of both languages and enhance the students’ self-esteem and cross cultural understanding. Elementary Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Implementation Guidelines describe all the features of the model.






Dual Languages Resources
PDF icon  1 Language Usage Survey.pdf 
PDF icon  2  FORM B.pdf 
PDF icon   3 _DL_Agreement.pdf
PDF icon   4 _Teacher_Language_Observation_Form.pdf
PDF icon   5 _Elem_Form_C.pdf 
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