• Mission Statement

    The Gadsden Independent School District will ensure that all students will learn by putting education first. The district will provide quality educational opportunities conducive to learning that will facilitate students' individual goals.

    Gadsden Independent School District


The library/media programs for the Gadsden Independent School District enable students to acquire and use library skills and to experience and enjoy literature.


The library/media program supports the educational aims of the District. Students, instructional staff, and administrators will have equal access to a current collection of materials that reflect the school's curriculum and depict the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American society.

  • Provide collections of instructional, reference, and recreational print and non print materials.
  • Teach library use skills in order that students become practiced, discriminating, independent users of libraries and materials.
  • Facilitate reading guidance to develop good reading habits and tastes.
  • Facilitate listening and viewing guidance to provide alternative learning experiences through audio-visual materials.
  • Encourage the development of lifelong habits of library use, including an enjoyment of reading and books.
  • Foster the development of critical thinking and study skills.
  • Foster an awareness of the American heritage, the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of the American society.
  • Foster an awareness of the wider world.
  • Select books and other non-print materials to support the curriculum.